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I work closely with women of all ages daily. I firmly believe in educating them on the life-saving importance of early detection because it is as equally important as providing them with an accurate diagnosis. 


A 100% cure can be attainable if cancer is diagnosed early, which is my goal with every patient. I therefore strongly encourage everyone to be proactive with their preventive screenings.


Life is invaluable, and we should make no compromises on saving anyone

Dr. Diso

Early Detection

Saves Lives


Radiology Specialist | Breast Imaging & Diagnosis Expert

Specialist Breast Radiologist of the American Breast Center at the American Medical Center, the first private center in Cyprus that is a full Member of the European Breast Centers Network.


Radiology Specialist | Breast Imaging & Diagnosis Expert

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Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women, with about 700-750 new cases per year in Cyprus. It can affect women of almost any age and is unfortunately not curable if diagnosed late. Unfortunately, neither surgery nor oncology can cure advanced-stage disease despite aggressive treatments. Early detection and diagnosis are the cornerstones of effective treatment and cure!


Dr. Diso and his team strive to provide every patient with the highest standards of medical services, always using the latest technology available.


Question: From what age should we start breast exams?


Answer: The real question should be why we need to examine our breasts. The answer is because of Breast Cancer, which is the most common cancer in women. However, if diagnosed early and correctly, it can be 100% curable.

Since my goal is a 100% cure of breast cancer, I recommend that all women perform monthly self-exam from an early age. The exam should be done during the second week of their menstrual cycle. From the age of 20 onwards, women can start with Breast Ultrasound and anytime from 30-35, with 3-D Mammography & Ultrasound.

In special cases, Breast MRI could also be performed. These examinations should always be performed by and evaluated by radiology experts, not by anyone who decides to do so.

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