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In 2015 he returned to Cyprus and started working at his own center. Very soon he distinguished himself in the field and in 2019 he was offered the position of the Specialist Breast Radiologist of the American Breast Center at the American Medical Center. The first private Breast Center in Cyprus to fulfil the criteria to be a full member of the European Breast Centers Network.

Dr. Dimitris Sophocleous is a Specialist Radiologist with expertise in Breast Imaging and Diagnosis. He received his Medical Degree (MD) from Semmelweis University of Medicine in Budapest, Hungary, in 2001.


In 2003, he completed his pre-registration and worked as a Junior Doctor at the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Center in Nicosia until 2005.


In 2006 he moved to Sweden to work towards his specialist training in Radiology at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, graduating in 2011. He remained in Sweden working as a Specialist Radiologist, almost exclusively with Breast Imagining and Diagnosis until 2015.


Meet the Team

Dr Dimitris Sophocleous

Radiology Specialist

Evangelia Solea

Radiologic Technologist

Rafaella Savva

Radiologic Technologist

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